Since security guards are often the first and last person customers see, it’s important that they dress in a professional manner Instalar Persianas de Seguridad. Uniform standards vary, depending on the type of account an officer is posted at as well as the particular tastes of the client, but it goes without saying that having a neat, clean image goes a long way of making yourself look good as well as the company that you work for.

Most male security guards wear dark pants, a shirt or long sleeve dress shirt (usually black or white), dark socks, and black shoes. Everything should be ironed to give a fresh, respectable appearance. Women, more often than not, wear the same uniform. Badges are required for most accounts. They can either be metal or a cotton image made to look like a badge and sown onto the shirt. Most states require security staff to wear patches on both shoulders representing the security guard company that they work for. This is very important because if an officer gets caught without the proper, identifying patches they subject themselves and their company to very stiff fines.

Some officers wear hats, but, in general, such head garments are optional. It’s important to keep your clothes clean and smelling fresh. Image is very important in the security industry and having respect for the way one looks is often the first step in commanding respect in general. If there are no uniform standards at your post, consider asking your boss to create them. Dress code should be written down and all officers should follow it; otherwise, there is no consistency in appearance, and this simply does not look very good from a customer’s vantage point. Again, it’s important to remember that uniforms will vary; for instance, a Los Angeles security guard working for a bank will obviously look different than a guard staff member at a sporting event. Each location has their own outfitting requirements. Each officer must take it upon themselves to learn what they are prior to their first day of work.