Marijuana itself is surrounded by myths, false information and misconceptions. Many feel that the drug is natural, safe and should be legalized, while drug enforcement struggles to get widespread abuse under control nationwide.

We turn to the national Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey, conducted by the Centers for Order Xanax Online Disease Control and Prevention, for projections and trends in substance abuse amongst today’s youth, with the hope that a greater understanding will help us to prevent a worsening epidemic.

Marijuana Remains Leading Popular Drug

Marijuana continues to be the most popularly abused illegal drug amongst American youth, Buy Xanax Online with about one in nine high school seniors admitting use of marijuana in the past month. More teens today smoke marijuana than tobacco cigarettes. Although pot use declined between the 1990s and the early 2000s, use of the drug is now seen to be on the rise with notable usage spikes amongst 10th graders over the past decade.

The 2012 MTF survey further projects that, as perception of marijuana risk decreases, use continues to climb or maintain. Recent public media attention to marijuana legalization debate and a general perception of marijuana as a “safe” and “natural” substance may be important factors in the issue of growing marijuana use.