It saddens us when a television series ends but it excites us to know that the next series will come soon. But what if there is no “next series” to look forward to? That will really deeply sadden us. But what if our favorite television series has not ended yet and it gets axed? This will definitely not sadden us. Instead, it will infuriate us, right? Well, we don’t want to bring back that infuriation but why don’t we simply reminisce and enumerate some of the TV shows cancelled in the past.

In 2002, the television show “Firefly” got cancelled three months after its premiere in September. The creator of “Firefly” was Joss Whedon, the same creator of the television shows “Angel” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Joss Whedon said that this TV show got cancelled due to several factors which started when FOX did not approve of his request for a two-hour pilot. homeland project free tv This resulted to the fact that Whedon got challenged of delivering an hour-long pilot wherein he had to squeeze everything including the setting up of the character backgrounds and relationships. When “Firefly” was given a Friday night schedule, Joss Whedon anticipated the fact that the ratings would not be as successful as the other television shows he created. FOX also had the impression that allowing the television show to continue was expensive. Because of all these factors, the television show got cancelled after airing 11 episodes. Three other episodes were filmed but were not aired anymore.

It was in September 1998 when the TV show “Sports Night” premiered and it was in May 2000 when it got cancelled. The creator of “Sports Night” was Aaron Sorkin, the same creator of the television show “The West Wing.” This television show featured an excellent cast such as Robert Guillaume,

Felicity Huffman, and Josh Charles. For a couple of years, “Sports Night” was being criticized and unfortunately, ABC as well as the audiences had no idea of what to make of “Sports Night” until it just got cancelled.

In September 1992, the television show “The Ben Stiller Show” premiered until it got cancelled four months later. This transpired even before actor Ben Stiller became popularly known. When FOX offered him “The Ben Stiller Show,” he was simply a comedian who wanted to make it big in the Hollywood world. “The Ben Stiller Show” was funny and as a matter of fact, people might even find it funnier than “Saturday Night Live” if they try to watch such television series on DVD. However, it seems that “The Ben Stiller Show” was not aired at the right time, thus, such TV show got cancelled. If it was aired years later, there’s a possibility that it could have succeeded. When Ben Stiller became a famous comedian a few years later, the sales of “The Ben Stiller Show” on DVD went up.