A quality sword which came from a high caliber company, RY3201 Ryumon Phoenix Katana is a special katana sword and one of the prime products of years of knowledge in metallurgy.

RY3201 Ryumon Phoenix Katana came from the family of Ryumon swords, which are generally handmade in Longquan, China, the place commonly known as “City of Treasure Sword.” Acclaimed for their expertise in sword-making, Longquan is located in a place where the resources are just right for the crafting of these extraordinary samurai swords. This only ensures you that you will be acquiring a battle- ready and fully purposeful sword.

Fully hand-honed, this sword that came from a vast collection of Ryumon swords has a blade made from 1065 carbon steel. It is sharpened and refined by Ryumon Swords’ best craftsmen. The handle of Phoenix Katana is enclosed in a top quality double pegged ray skin.

However, for this particular kind of samurai sword, you will probably https://katana.store be embezzled by its wooden saya or scabbard for the main reason that it is engraved, hand painted in red with a phoenix scene that is worth beholding and admired. Seeing this particular work of art would surely be a treat you would not want to miss.

This sword coming from the well- crafted Ryumon swords’ family has a bo hi and an iron tsuba or hilt, ornamented with a front and back crane with embossed golden details. This fully sharpened katana sword is embellished by a black Japanese cotton tsuka ito and a handle draped with a high quality ray skin, double pegged to provide you extra protection.

These specific samurai swords have an overall length of 41.5 inches, with its blade and handle measuring 28 and 10.5 inches respectively. It weighs about 2.5 pounds. The Phoenix katana also comes with a black entwined sageo or the cord being used to tie the saya to the belt or the obi when worn. You would definitely not have any problems as to where to put or store this katana sword when you procure it because this comes with a sword bag and a Ryumon signature box as a bonus plus a wall scroll certificate of authenticity, maintenance and reference kits. This is just the more reason why you should buy this Ryumon Phoenix Katana. Aside from its beauty, it also comes with a lot of extras, with the fact that you can buy it for a very low price.

If you are interested to buy, just surf the net, and you will find their sites where they sell these Ryumon swords for very reasonable prices.