Before retirement I had franchised mobile car wash units around the country, and one of the states where we sold a franchise was in Little Rock Arkansas. It’s a pretty cool town, and the downtown area whereas it is old it has very nice architecture, and some big high-rise buildings with many movers and shakers willing to pay a pretty penny to have their cars detail. I’d like to talk about this market and running a mobile auto wash or detailing company there.

Little Rock is quite diverse; there are low income areas across the river, and east of the city, whereas the West End is higher-end middle class. The downtown area is just like any other city in the US, albeit a little bit smaller. Where would I go to get business for my mobile auto cleaning service in this area you ask?

Well, maybe I might try to get a deal with the Clinton Library to clean and detail cars for guests and tourists. By the way that end of town is starting to come alive again, as it had been run-down in the past. There are also industrial areas nearby with lots of fleet vehicles there, only about a mile or so from the river.

West Little Rock is an upscale middle class area with lots of suburban shopping areas, it’s quite nice, a fun place to be with lots of nice cars to detail and clean. Perhaps, a mall parking lot auto detailing and auto washing concession makes sense too. Not sure what they’d charge for such a thing perhaps a percentage of the gross revenue you made?

The winters in Little Rock are rainy, that’s probably why everything is so very green there, but mobile car washing and detailing is tough during a heavy rainy season. Thus, starting a secondary business doing concrete power washing during winter months, and perhaps even awning cleaning, and window cleaning for businesses such as restaurants, might be a wise choice too.

When we operated there we did quite well cleaning fleets of vehicles for the cable company, phone company, all the school buses, delivery companies, beverage companies, tree trimming services, and car dealerships. Along the freeway there are some significant car dealerships in giant auto malls definitely worth the time, and effort to secure some of those accounts. Not only for lot washing, but also for used and new car detailing.

Lastly, I would like to mention that North Little Rock although it is economically depressed does have some industrial areas, and quite a bit of labor available, and most of the folks have at least some auto detailing experience. Indeed I hope you will please consider all these facts, and think on it in case you are considering starting your own business in Little Rock Arkansas.