Re-Igniting Passion in Your Sex Life

The longer a couple have been together the easier it is for them to become stuck in a sex routine: as you develop a knowledge of what ‘does it’ for your partner sometimes you find you are simply going through the motions. At any stage of a relationship sex is supposed to be a thrilling and exciting experience, so to get your sex drive back in your relationship consider introducing sex toys into the bedroom.

As you become more comfortable with a partner we often let things slip, making less effort to dress up for our other half or simply missing out foreplay all together when sex is a routine are common problems. Re-live those early days in your relationship when everything was a more drawn out process by focusing on pleasuring each other with intense foreplay. This can be achieved in hundreds of ways; your imagination is your limit. Something as cheap as a blindfold will excite your partner as it will immediately enhances their other senses. If you are not confident dressing up in costume or bondage simply indulging in some new lacey underwear instead of your bedtime pajamas will get your man in the mood! Surprise your man with a new purchase – some lubricant or massage oil, or simply surprise him with sex at a time of day or place where he will least expect it! If you and your partner fell in love with each other’s sense of humour, playing a sexy board or card game can be a lighthearted way of changing a routine.

It important to realise that sex toys don’t mean you are no longer capable of  produtos afrodisiacos femininos pleasing each other, they are simply an exciting way of breaking a routine and enhancing your lovemaking. When it comes to vibrators and cock rings they may be a gear up from romantic massage and lube but they can also take your lovemaking to another level. Again start simply if you are confused by the number of sex toys available: vibrators are available in a variety of materials. Choose a smaller jelly based vibrator if you are new to toys. Always remember using plenty of lubricant makes playing with toys even more exciting. Use a vibrator in front of your man to show him where your hot spots are. Or let him take control; get him to touch you in other places on your body with the toys vibrating head.

If your partner is adventurous using a butt plug or anal beads and plenty of lube whilst giving him oral sex with be a doubly stimulating experience, if you try anal beads start with beginner toys, slowly removing them when he is close to the edge! He will never complain about your sex life again once you mind a toy that touches his p-spot!


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