There are many different styles, types, and designs of patio furniture available. Ranging from the inexpensive but typically short lived and even flimsy plastic furniture, to the natural looking but heavy and potentially weather damaged natural materials you really do have a massive choice ahead of you when shopping for patio furniture or outdoor furniture of any description. One of the more recent and popular additions to this range is modern wicker furniture, offering flexibility, weather resistance, and durability with inexpensive prices.

Eating Out

Whether you eat alone or with the family, or even if you regularly entertain parties of people, outdoor dining furniture is a great way to enjoy your meals outside. Wicker patio furniture sets include a strong dining table and two or more chairs. The table and chairs typically utilise an aluminum frame for strength and weather resistance as well as a wicker covering which provides the same great benefits with a unique and contemporary look.

Sitting Out

The garden is also the ideal place just to sit out and enjoy the summer months. From sunbathing and relaxing to reading a book and having a drink you can choose between wicker chairs and wicker lounge chairs. Where the wicker chair offers a more upright and fixed position, a lounge chair provides several different reclined positions including one that is fully horizontal. You can also buy wicker coffee tables and end tables to add extra convenience to your patio set.


Entertaining guests in the garden allows you all to enjoy the weather and for parties it means that there is less danger of breakages and spillages causing damage to your home. Wicker chairs, a wicker dining set, and wicker tables are particularly useful for entertaining because they look good and work well outside, but also because they are easy to clean and simple to maintain. You don’t need any special cleaning materials or detergents and can simply wipe down spills with a damp cloth.

Conservatory Furniture

The conservatory is another area of the Outdoor Wicker Furniture house that requires special attention when choosing furniture. While it may not need to be able to withstand the rain, it will have to be able to cope with prolonged exposure to the sun and may even need to be able to withstand regular cold conditions during the winter. Modern wicker outdoor furniture offers all of these benefits and many more besides. Wicker sofa sets include one or more sofas, individual chairs, and tables, and are modular in design so you can get exactly the layout you want in your home.

More Wicker Furniture Items

End tables, coffee tables, individual chairs, and bistro style sets are all available in modern wicker designs. You can create a unique space in the garden by including these and other items of wicker patio furniture. Simple to clean and often including colourful and personalised cushions and cushion covers, they offer a very unique and contemporary design for the garden.