The Novellini Olympic Plus Shower Tray is ideal for large shower enclosures. For walk-in showers or wet room look shower enclosures the Novellini Olympic shower tray is available in a size and finish to suit almost all shower installations.

What makes the Olympic so special? Well for a start it comes in a huge range of sizes, everything from 1200 x 700mm to a massive 1800 x 750mm and virtually every black tray with gold handles  size in between. It is very difficult to find trays of this size variation in the UK. The Novellini Olympic tray is designed and manufactured in Italy, where the demand for large walk in showers has been high for many years.

What is it made of? The Olympic tray is constructed from a material known as Methacrylate. This is a resin bonded mixture with a steel reinforced plinth throughout the entire structure. As the Olympic tray is used primarily to span large areas, it has been designed to be movement free and of heavy duty construction. This means when you step onto it there is no ‘give’ in the tray at all, unlike most large trays. This construction means that the tray is as strong as a traditional stone resin shower tray but weights around two thirds of the weight making it easier to transport and fit.

What options are available? Besides the vast choice of sizes, the Novellini Olympic tray is available in two colour options – White & Black. The vast majority of shower trays are ordered in White, but there is a move away from the traditional white only bathrooms these days and the Black shower tray certainly makes a bold style statement. The Olympic tray also comes with an anti-slip surface as standard. This gives the surface a pleasing ‘prickled’ effect to look at, and also makes for a very safe surface to shower on. The Olympic tray is available in two heights. The first is a low-level version which is 45mm in height. The second is a higher tray of 125mm which is intended for use where the waste trap cannot be fitted under the floor level. Each tray comes with a slightly off-centre chrome fast flow shower waste, which is capable of draining such a large shower tray surface very quickly – especially useful where high power pumped shower units are being installed.