Golf Lessons - Ryan Bonser Golf Instruction SchoolNeeding to fix a slice is something golfers face everyday. Everyone wants to have a natural golf swing. Even the pro’s struggle with their golf swing and need golf swing lessons. Golf Teacher Nashville That is why they have their own swing coaches. The only way to cure a golf swing slice is to have a good attitude and a good mental mind set.

I want to help you fix a slice so let me give you a few pointers that will help you cure that haunting problem. Give your body a chance to relax, if you step up to hit a ball and your tense then you will never get that natural golf swing that you want. Try and have a good mind set and make sure when you address the ball that you tell yourself to just hit the ball. Sometime thinking about what you’re going to do or standing over the ball for a long time will cause you to hook or slice the ball. Don’t stand over it and think about what you are doing wrong, you’re not a pro we are all amateurs just trying to brake 80, give yourself a brake. You will have a hard time if you get up there with a million things on your mind and you will never fix a slice that way.

The only thing that should be going through your mind, if any thing at all, is where your head is and having a good shoulder turn, everything else will come around. Do all the think before you walk up to hit the ball, so when you get up all you are thinking about it your set up and release. You will start to see a huge difference in your golf game just by having a good mind set. You will also start to see a more natural swing and that slice will be gone in no time.

As i said before a good stance is important, always be shoulders widths apart. Having a solid golf stance will help take a few strokes of your game. So as you get up to the ball and you are standing there, make sure that your feet are shoulder widths apart and keep your eye on the ball and head back just a touch and swing away. I all ways put my left eye on the ball and turn my head a bit, this helps me with my shoulder turn so that way I’m not in front of the ball by the time I swing. This will allow you to hit the ball a little further and give you some power when you swing.

I can sit here and tell you how to fix a golf swing slice all day and tell you that you need to do this and do that to have a natural golf swing, but if you don’t practice then you will never be any good. Have a good place to practice and good golf swing lessons to look at are they only two things that will help you get better.

Find something that will help you with every aspect of the game like how to fix a slice, how to get a natural golf swing, something with golf swing lessons, that is the only way you will fix a golf swing slice. Well and practice, but after you learn the right way to swing practices will come a lot easier and playing golf will be a lot more exciting then the past experiences. So make sure you find some really good golf lessons to fix a slice so you can brake that haunting 80 marker. Why do so many golfers fail to take action when they’re playing badly? Is it their ego, they think they’re too good to get lessons or are they just too lazy. There are a thousand different reasons why golfers let bad play continue, many don’t know how easy it is to get some lessons & improve their golf dramatically.

Many players today have decided enough is enough & have opted for some expensive one on one lessons. What they don’t know is that you don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars on private golf lessons; you can do it from the comfort of your own home. These guys are buying online golf tutorials & learning from them & by doing so they’re improving their game substantially. Many of these courses come with golf video so you can see how the professionals do it. What’s great about a DVD is that you can rewind again & again to see the same shot. By watching it over & over again, you’ll learn by repetition, its that simple.

Have you ever played with a friend whose a lousy player & then one day you play him & he beats you? If the answer is yes, then he’s had lessons that he’s not telling you about & will never will. So why not join the club so to speak, why not invest in a good golf Book & video like the one in the link below. By investing time in your game you could improve by several shots in only a few weeks, that’s the power of online tutorials. It doesn’t matter what part of the game you suck at, you should be able to find a suitable online course that will help you improve. The most important golf instruction which every player should learn has to be the golf swing. Having a good swing will improve your game way beyond what ever thought it could. If you can hot that ball straight & narrow every time then you’re almost guaranteed to take several strokes off your game.

Once you’re improved your golf swing then its just a matter of improving on your pitching & putting & that’s all there is to it. You see many players think golf is a complicated game, its not. If you take a good look at it you’ll see there are only three real shots you need to take, the drive, pitch & the putt. Did you know that if you just concentrated on improving on the green by one putt you could automatically take 18 strokes off your game.