It’s been a long holiday season, hasn’t it? If you’re tired and worn down from all the sopping, wrapping and entertaining, maybe it’s time to indulge yourself with a little luxury. You can crack open a great beautiful lobster with your family and friends, and enjoy the rich tastes, of course, but it’s not as much fun to savor when you’re in a fancy restaurant, because it’s so stuffy and expensive. Buying them at the grocery store to steam is also expensive. There is a better way, however. You can get delicious, fresh live Main lobsters delivered right to your house. And when you buy online, they’ll be their the next day.

If you’re a gourmet, then you know that lobster is one of the finest, most delicious luxury foods that you can buy. And of all the kinds of lobster, live Maine lobster is the most delicious. It’s so juicy and succulent that you’ll want to get every last piece from your lobster. In years past, it’s been hard to get this gourmet treat unless you lived close to Maine. Shipping to a local grocery store could take weeks, and that means the lobster was never fresh, and was always expensive. Now that you can order easily online however, you can get great prices no matter where you live.

You might be wondering just how it’s possible to get such a great deal by ordering online? It’s actually quite simple. You’re ordering online from the fisherman himself, which means that you’re totally cutting out the middleman. This saves you the time of having to make the trip to the store, and the time of waiting for the lobster to be bought and delivered there. When you order online, you’re getting the lobster that was caught fresh that morning. This means, you’re getting the freshest lobster out there.

There are many great reasons to buy live Maine lobsters online, and one of the best is their great low price. By cutting out that middleman, you’re also cutting yourself quite a deal. And because you’re ordering online, you don’t even have to leave your house to get this great deal. By saving so much money, you’ll be able to order enough lobsters to share, a great way to have fun with friends and family during tough economic times. Everyone loves a good lobster steam!

And if you have lobster meat left over from your party, hthere are so many great meals you can make with left over live Maine lobster meat. Even the water from the stock pot can be turned into delicious and rich lobster stock. You can use lobster meat to make a quick and healthy lobster spinach salad. You can also toss it with some pasta for a great lobster alfredo!