• Are you fed up with Club Juggling?
  • Do your Juggling Clubs spend more time being dropped and lying on the floor than soaring majestically in the air?

If so, then why not try creating a few routines by rolling the clubs on the floor! Have you ever noticed that when you roll a club on the floor, it makes a circular shape, and returns to its starting point. Go on, give it a try so you can see for yourself (best to use a wooden floor!) Armed with this knowledge, then there are a few patterns you can try! If you have 6 juggling clubs, then there are a few patterns you can try out!

First Few Patterns

  • One Club Roll around Feet: Stand with your feet together, and place a club in front of your feet, with the handle just in front of you. Give the club a little roll/push to one side (so that you can rotate it clockwise or anti-clockwise), and it will travel round your feet and back to starting position.
  • 3 Club (or more) Roll around Feet: Start with 3 clubs side by side in front of your feet so that they are just touching each other. Roll the first club, wait a second, roll the next clup, wait a second, roll the third club. The aim here is to keep the pattern going, but keep the clubs spaced evenly apart. They will keep slowing down due to friction of course, so you need to give them the occasional roll to speed them up. How many clubs can you keep going? A good way to end this routine is to stop one club in front of your feet, and hold it still so that the other clubs come round, bang into it and come to a halt also!
  • Clockwork /Gears: Try putting a club in front of you but the other way round (with the handle pointing away from your feet). Now give it a push. This time the circle goes away from your body. You can now line up the clubs so that some roll around your feet and some roll in a circle away from your body! This can look like a series of gears!

More Patterns

Leg Roll (one club) – Sit on the ground with your legs in front of you (raised at the knee). From your knee down to your feet forms a nice ramp which you can take a club and place at the top so that the knob end fits nicely on your legs and just let go. The club should roll Vclub down your leg, then roll in a circle until it reaches you again. Practice picking it up and letting it roll down your leg in the other direction. This is like a cascade pattern!

Leg Roll (2+ clubs) – Now place a club on each side of your ramped legs ready to be picked up. Lift one club and roll it down your legs and once it has reached the bottom of the ramp, pick up and release the 2nd club. You can do a pattern where the clubs return to under the same leg each time, or they start to chase each other! Try experimenting with 3 clubs now!

Leg Roll (6 clubs) – I do my club rolling with 6 clubs! I have 3 set up at each side of my ramped legs and as long as I can pick them up and roll the 6th one down my leg before the first one returns, then you can pick up a good rhythm and keep going!

Bum Lift! – Do a leg roll as above with just one club, but when it comes back round, lift your bum and then your legs, so that the club has done a full circle, then continue your pattern! Try doing this as part of a routine with more than one club now!

Club Rolling and Pickups on Rola-Bola

Place 3 clubs in front of the rola-bola and by pushing them lightly (which involves lowering your body so you can touch the clubs on the ground, and reaching forward, so you are a bit off balance), you can make them revolve around the cylinder and back to their starting point.

You have to make sure that your board stays far enough off the ground in order that the clubs can roll the whole way round!

Now get back to your Club Juggling, and if you drop, you can break into some Club Rolling and the audience will think that you meant it!

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