You have finally decided to try something new to help you generate extra income to buy the things you have always wanted to buy but could not afford it. You start to go online and spend long hours trying to find the easiest method to use. You start to attend seminars and courses to learn from other gurus. You start to purchase books and videos to learn the secrets and methods other Internet Marketers use.

Getting the wrong materials

Why go through so much trouble and spend so much time learning and practicing so many different methods which might not work? Why reinvent the wheel when someone has actually done the hard work in inventing it?

Applying the RIGHT method Tech New Master

It has nothing to do with the latest software or any high tech equipment. It is just knowing the right method and applying it. The good news is that I am willing to tell you the main steps in starting your own Internet Marketing business.


Firstly, you need to tell yourself that you can make it work. It is all about being FOCUS, CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT. What does that mean? It means that you need to remain focus at the task at hand. Try not to lose sight of what you plan to achieve. It is all in the mind. Remember how people managed to walk on hot coals or even bending the spoon? It is all about focusing and not letting distraction divert you from your aim.


Next is to have a LIST. You need list in order to sell. A LIST is like customers. Without customers, you will have no sales. How do you get a LIST? First you start by having a Squeeze Page or a Landing Page. This is where you get potential buyers to register their details and for you to promote products to them. The rule here is to get POTENTIAL buyers not any Tom, Dick or Harry to register. You do not want to be a spammer and spam e-mails to everyone in your contact list when they are not interested.

It is like selling fruits only to those people who visit the fruit stall. It is not possible to sell fruits to people visiting an I.T. Stall right?


Get a good auto responder. An auto responder is a program that helps you to send out e-mails to all your potential buyer that Opt-in to your product. This is call e-mail marketing. This is to make your list aware of the product you are selling.


Product selling. It is not a requirement for you to have your own product to sell in order to make money online. Sometimes you can help to sell products for other people and earn a commission from every sale. This is where Affiliate product comes in. You help to market and sell the product and the product owner will give you a percentage of the sales as a commission.


Follow up. This is an important step for you to build a relationship with your list. This is where you can build a rapport with your list members or building credibility. If you are promoting a good product, your list will be very thankful to you and they are willing to buy other products that you will be recommending them in the future.

This is some sort like offering “after sales service”. Everyone loves to be given an assurance that you are there for them for the long run instead of just squeezing the first sale from them and disappear after that.


Sit back and relax and watch your sales increase.

I have been working as an engineer for all this while and I have always realised that my salary is never enough for me. I have never been able to earn a little bit extra that would enable me and my family to enjoy life.

I have attended many seminars and courses, spend unlimited hours on the internet searching for methods and read many books on how to make money and yet nothing seem to be able to change my current situation. Until I finally found out about Internet Marketing. From that day onwards, I never looked back. It has given me a new lease of life that I am able to have a more enjoyable time with my family.