Hedge Against Energy Cost Increases With Ozone Laundry tiktok

Energy costs go up. That’s bad news for energy consumers like on-premise laundries (OPL) because energy is an intrinsic part of the operation. Finding ways to reduce energy inputs – and to control costs rather than be controlled by them – is critical to the continued efficiency of laundry operations.

One proven way for OPL operators to take charge of their costs is to install ozone laundry systems. These systems can generate verifiable energy cost reductions without any زيادة متابعين تيك توك compromise to laundry outcomes. And because the energy savings are permanent, ozone laundering is a hedge against uncontrollable future energy price hikes.

To rephrase this, the energy savings of an ozone laundry system confer two major benefits to on-premise laundry operators:

  1. Short-term savings through reductions in energy consumption pay for the installation costs of the ozone system in a surprisingly short time, often under 2 years (see the case study of the Minneapolis Hilton, below), and linen outcomes remain of the highest quality.
  2. Long-term use of ozone in the laundry effectively restores some control over energy cost increases to the OPL operator. Ozone is the gift that keeps on giving.


Since these points depend on energy prices, it’s important to get some factual background. The next couple sections outline the trends of natural gas prices in the United States.

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