If you’ve thought that a graphing calculator is like any other simple calculator then you are mistaken. Unlike any other calculator this one is up for advanced dynamic use and although used widely by students and teachers in subjects like math, science etc can also be used for advanced calculus calculations by professionals. Those who have used this calculator find it to be similar to a palm held computer that takes care of derivatives, solves proofs in trigonometry and even plots graphs.  

The graphing calculator especially the ones that HP has out in the market like the HP 50g and the HP 40gs are every students delight. They can not only perform simple addition functions like 1+1 = 2 but can perform multiple equations all at one time. The calculator is not only equipped for educational purposes and solving complex equations, but can also be used to read text lines and play a few games.

Most graphing calculators are extremely easy to use, like the HP calculators that we have on sale. If you are still grappling about Open Calculator the keypad and how to use it, then make sure to read the manual that comes along with it. Ideally the best way to go about the keyboard is that it is almost similar to the keypad on your phone.  The keypads also feature letters and numbers that are easily accessible by simply hitting the “Alpha” key on the keypad. This makes it easy to switch between numbers and letters and hence can be used for calculations and even typing lines of text.

If you are still figuring out how to use the graphing calculator you should take a look at the manual that comes along with the HP 50g and the HP 40gs. The instruction manual is easy to understand and written in simple language that even if you do not know any of its functions you will grasp it quickly.  For e.g. you will learn functions of the exponent key on the calculator, how and when you need to use it etc.   It will also teach you about how to create a graph for your personal as well as professional use. You can use these graphs easily in your presentations and projects because of the USB slot that is present in the calculator. This USB slot helps you download mathematical calculations, and even graphs etc created from your graphing calculator to your personal computer.

The CAS or Computer Algebra System again helps in solving dynamic numeric problems and delivering symbolic manipulations easily. This helps every student and professional to perform complex calculus functions as well as arithmetic calculations effortlessly. You can even create or program your own applets of equations and formulas that can be stored in its memory and reused whenever required. This memory can also be reformatted or even upgraded.

The HP 24 hour award winning customer support line is again a much needed benefit that HP provides. You can now call them up if there is any issue with your graphing calculator making it even more user friendly.