With the approaching of next January’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung is estimated to have made a good preparation for the “first war” on technology products in 2014. In 2014, what we can look forward to this company?

Samsung Ultra HD TV

CES is an annual grand gathering in which Samsung will show its latest TV products to the outside world. Last year, we saw several Samsung’s latest TV products configured with 4K display on CES. But, unfortunately, the price of 4K TV is ridiculously high which up to thousands of dollars. In addition, buying a 4K TV does not make sense, because so far, very few TV programs can match with such a high rate TV screen.

In 2014, we expect Samsung to publish new features for its network Smart TV.

For Samsung tablet

It is reported that Samsung will focus more on its tablet products next year. Some media rumors that Samsung will debut the 10.5 inches tablet at CES next year. Currently, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Tab tablet covers the size of 7-inch to 10.1 inch. Next year, we expect Samsung release larger size of tablet.

Samsung Smartphone

Samsung should release its latest flagship smartphone -Galaxy S5 in the first few months of next year. Earlier, media rumors that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be configured 64-bit processor, which is faster than the current Apple iPhone 5S processor. In addition, the media said that Galaxy S5 has built-in iris scanner. Without entering the PIN code, users are able to unlock the phone by eyes.

But in 2014, we expect Samsung will release a series of low-end smartphones. Samsung can sell smart phones more than the opponents partly just because that it can create a lot of low-end phones. What’s more, do not forget the Samsung tablet phone -Galaxy Note. This fall, Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 3. Therefore, we expect Samsung can release new tablet phones. samsung au7700

Bendable display

Samsung has released the curved display devices this year. The curved display doesn’t mean that it allows users to fold at will. It only allows the display to become more unbreakable. Samsung has released the curved smartphone -Galaxy Round this year. It is expected to make more efforts in this field in 2014.

For its Software Development

For Samsung, one of the largest blame for these companies is that it put a lot of unused software on the mobile devices. Some media reports, next years, Samsung plans to invest more efforts in the field of software, make more useful improvements on Android system and apply them to tablet PCs and smartphones.