Bahamas resorts are the playgrounds for sunbathers, golfers, divers, sailors, anglers, nature lovers – not to mention their world-class casinos, shopping, and historical sites. With over seven hundred beautiful islands and over two thousand limestone and coral outcroppings, the Bahamas is unique in the Caribbean because of its prosperity and wealth, its political stability and its proximity to the U.S.

Bahamas was the first Caribbean island discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it was a lair of pirates, including Blackbeard Teach and the notorious female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Only thirty islands are populated, with New Providence Island containing 60% of the population and the capital, Nassau, with its Victorian buildings and fortresses. Nassau is the starting place for fully crewed and catered cruises, day and sunset cruises, sailboating, motorboating, and jet skiing. The all inclusive Bahamas professionally guided charter boat fishing is some of the best in the Caribbean. At night it is traditional to sit in a Nassau bar and watch the바카라사이트  spectacular Bahamian sunset; then repair to a gourmet supper. During the day there is shopping at the straw market on Nassau’s Bay Street – or you can take a horse-drawn surrey tour of the town. The city has retained much of its colonial architecture, and in front of the pastel colored buildings at Parliament Square the statue of Queen Victoria looks down over Nassau. Fort Fincastle features the Water Tower – the highest point on the island. Climb the 66 steps of the Queen’s Staircase (one for each year of Queen Victoria’s reign). Nassau’s Junakanoo Festival is a New Year’s celebration of gaily costumed paraders dancing to the sounds of whistles, cowbells, and goatskin drums. Besides Nassau, Freeport on Grand Bahama Island is also famous for its night life and glitz. The Bahamas’ lively casinos dazzle with music, color, and the thrill of chance, offering blackjack, craps, slot machines, baccarat, and sports betting.

The water of the Bahamas has the clearest visibility in the world (over 200 feet), which makes for great diving and snorkeling adventures – and barefoot picnicking on remote Bahamas all inclusive beaches. Andros Island – the largest Bahamian island- sits at the edge of the fathomless depths called “Tongue of the Ocean”. The Andros Barrier Reef offers an impressive underwater adventure. Andros also features rare orchids in its tropical forests and hunters find duck, partridge, and pigeon there too. Eleuthera island is famous for its magnificent white beaches, and private coves for swimming in the dark, blue-green waters. You can swim at Paradise lagoon through shimmering and cascading water, watching shoals of exotic, multi-colored fish, then plunge into a free-form pool. You can splash under a symphony of forty waterfalls or float on a rubber tube down a lazy river. Or walk through a 100-foot long transparent underwater tunnel to watch sting rays, sharks, and barracudas up close, and make eye-to-eye contact with hundreds of species of tropical fish.