You’ve simply got to stay in touch with your network. The old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind,” is grounded in real truth.

With time being in such short supply and your network continually growing, how can you stay in touch efficiently and effectively?

Here are 5 tips for staying in touch and remaining top-of-mind with your entire network:

1. Send Out Cards (

Create personalized hard-copy greeting cards through an on-line service that uses real stamps and are mailed through the U.S. Mail. They are inexpensive and look just as good as a real handwritten greeting card. You can even scan in your own handwritten signature, and it’s almost as fast as writing an e-mail.

Tip: Since so many holiday cards go through the U.S. Mail in December, why not consider sending a more outstanding “Kick Start The New Year” card campaign in January?

2. Send out a personal newsletter once a month.

Give your clients and contacts tips and free information. This newsletter doesn’t have to be lengthy – just meaningful and relevant to your network. Tell your contacts and clients where you will be speaking, what articles you’ve written, and new information for their business.

Constant Contact ( has a very easy, inexpensive service, and pre-designed templates that allow you to use your firm’s logo, etc.

3. Use Google Alerts.

Set up a Google Alert system so that you know when your clients and contacts are showing up on the web. Go to and sign paper writing service reddit up for various alerts that pertain to your network. When you see them appear on the web, send them a quick e-mail acknowledging you’ve noticed the news. They will appreciate your awareness and remember your attentiveness.

4. The 6-month Outreach Program.

Run down your contact base every six months. Check in by phone or e-mail with folks you are curious about or who you want to let know you are thinking about them. Isn’t it worth just one hour every six months to be top-of-mind with your key contacts? You never know what new projects and needs have cropped up for them.