Private 背景調查 detectives have certain uniqueness about them. Their job is to find out information in a secretive way, and to not draw attention to themselves. There are usually hired by clients who need special information to be found out. It takes a special kind of person to become a private detective and here are five characteristics of a private detective.


  • Self-starter- if you can work alone by yourself for long periods of time, or if you can take some directions and create an entire project out of it, then you may have a great career ahead of you as a private detective.
  • Determined- if you have a strong sense of determination to complete each and every task and to deliver information when you said that you would, you may be a good detective. PI’s have to be able to deliver results for their clients; their business and reputation depend on it. So, they must be determined to finish the job and not give up even when they may hit a bump in the road or a dead end.
  • Outgoing- being outgoing will help out a private detective a lot because they usually have to ask a lot of questions, with different people. A shy person may not be as willing to step out of their comfort zone to ask the appropriate amount of questions in order to get the information that they are looking for.
  • Compassionate- this is one of the most important characteristics of a private detective. They must be compassionate to their client’s situation and understand that their client may be distraught about the various situations that they find themselves needing help with. A PI will also need to be compassionate to the individuals they may have to talk to and question to get information.
  • Tact- A PI needs to be tactful and know how to say things in a non-threatening manner, they also need to be diplomatic and know how to communicate with others effectively.