3 Rules Of Chess Success – Master The Chess Training Rules And GREATLY Improve At Chess In 23 Days!

“What are the rules of chess success?”

Many beginning and improving chess players all over the world are left scratching their heads and asking the question above.

They spend sleepless nights analyzing different variations of the Open Sicilian. They sink their heads on chess tactics training and read strategy books that are encyclopedia-like in thickness. They watch videos of their favorite grandmaster or chess trainer teach a thing or two about playing the endgame.

HOWEVER, despite these long hours spent on chess training, they fail to achieve the consistent results they want!

These chess players may win in a game in brilliant and masterly fashion. BUT they would lose and get crushed like someone who has played his first chess game against a master.

Chances are you are one of these players. After all, if you are consistently winning games, tournaments, and play at a high level, then you wouldn’t be here.

Well, don’t worry. Right at this page, I will outline 3 rules that will dramatically help you improve at chess within 23 days!

Rules Of Chess Success 1

Play chess often.

This advice sure sounds obvious, but believe me, a lot of players are neglecting this advice. They spend 2 to 3 hours studying chess openings, middlegame 象棋教学 strategies, chess tactics, etc. yet they can hardly find the time to play a game or two of competitive chess in a week.

Chess is a contact sport. The more you sink yourself in it, the more intricacies and subtleties you will know about it.

However, playing chess a lot alone won’t take you far.

Rules Of Chess Success 2

Study instructive master games.

Again, we have another golden advice that is not heeded by class-level chess players. Many of them would rather grab books like “Winning With The Dilworth Attack”, “Winning With The King’s Gambit”, and the like.

If you want to be successful at something, you need to look closely at the successful people in that industry and study what they do. The same thing can be said when it comes to improving your chess.

Look at how Mikhail Tal blasts the opposition into oblivion with his chess combinations. Study how Robert Fischer defeated the Soviet Chess Machines. Studying master games is like taking private lessons from these chess legends.


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